Frequently Asked Questions

What squad will I be on?

Two weeks before the event each student will be sent an email letting them know what colour of squad they will be on and who is their Squad leader. When they arrive at registration, they will be given a jersey with their squad colours. Please note students will not be able to switch from one squad to another.

Are registrations refundable?

There are no refunds for registrations. Registration is covering the jersey. If a student cannot make the event, they can still have their jersey. We just need to know if the jersey needs to be mailed out or picked up at our office in Edmonton after the event.

Will there be refunds if the event is cancelled

There are a lot of factors at play with an event like this. Things can change at any moment with public safety in mind. If the event is cancelled because of COVID, Government regulations, serve weather causing the venue to cancel; then we will be able to refund student registrations. If there is a little bit of weather like rain or wind, the Red Zone will still take place with weather condition modifications made.

Are food allergies accommodated?

If your student has a food allergy or condition needing something other than what Red Zone can provide our team will help arrange this in an individual situation. When you register just make notes in the food section of registration.

Who is coming?

The list of players and coaches coming for the day will continue to grow as we get closer to the event. Keep coming back to the website to check for updates and additions.

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